Gourmet Salt Kit

Gourmet Salt Kit


For the salt lover in your life! These salts can serve as a wonderful addition to countless dishes!

  • Wild Porcini Sea Salt is an Italian sea salt infused with wild porcini mushrooms and is great for egg dishes, pasta, buttered popcorn, tomatoes and any meat.

  • Chardonnay Oak Smoked Sea Salt is created by using fine French Fleur de Sel poured into aged oak wine barrels to absorb the chardonnay nuances. The barrels are then fired to create the smoke-dried salt.

  • Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt provides a delightful herbal touch and is perfect for lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and vegetables.

  • Vintage Merlot Sea Salt, one of our favorites, will enrich every gourmet meal with the sophisticated taste of wine and compliments desserts, cheese, meats, pasta, and seafood.

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