Tastes Around The World

Tastes Around The World


This exciting gift includes blends representing flavors from Italy, Asia, India, and Morocco.  Each of these blends pairs well with beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, and even olive oil for bread-dipping. Use to season sauces, dry rub on meats, sprinkle on veggies - all very versatile and full of flavor.  

  • Mole is a wonderful spicy Latin blend. Use as a dry-rub for pork or chicken. A wonderful addition to vegetables, or corn salsa.

  • Indian Curry is a mild curry fantastic for any curry recipe.

  • Moroccan is a spicy North African-Arabic blend. use as a dry-rub for lamb or chicken or for making curry sauce. Delightful tossed into cooked couscous with diced fresh zucchini, fresh mint and sliced fresh scallions.

  • Thai Coconut is a perfect seasoning for tofu, fish, shrimp, and chicken. Makes a great seasoning for noodle salad with carrots, pea pods, and peanuts.

  • Tuscan Blend goes well with pasta, on grilled or steamed vegetables and tomatoes with feta, eggs, chicken, pork, spaghetti sauce or chicken salad.

  • Jamaican Jerk is a spicy blend excellent not only for chicken, but also for pork, seafood, or red meat.

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